What Type of Wall Finishing is Best for a Kitchen?

The bathroom and the kitchen are the rooms where we spend most of our lives. At the same time, they are systematically exposed to moisture and dirt. Wall finishing materials we use must not only be aesthetic, but also provide safety and increased resistance to moisture.

Ceramic tiles

This is probably the most popular wall finishing type for the kitchen. No wonder, considering its properties that make it resistant to dirt and steamy atmosphere, as well as versatile enough to be suitable for most kitchen styles.


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Most people avoid wooden wall finishes in the kitchen because they worry about the effects of moisture exposure. However, nowadays many knowledgeable general contractors in Fort Collins can treat wood wall finishes against moisture, which makes them perfectly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Wood provides charm to any interior, and also guarantees durability for many years.


Using wallpapers is the ideal solution for people who want a quick and easy change in the aspect of their kitchen, considering the different patterns and textures of these materials. The best types of wallpaper for the kitchen are made of fiber glass and vinyl; these are resistant to water and chemicals.


Paint is a very practical, easy and inexpensive wall finishing for a kitchen. However, you must avoid regular paint, because it will not resist much in the typically humid and steamy air of the kitchen; choose instead a product specifically dedicated to this type of environment.