What Colors Are Good for Basement Remodels?

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More and more households, especially growing families, decide to transform the basement in their home into living or recreational space. Home remodeling Fort Collins basement renovations have some special requirements not only in terms of insulation and fixture installation, but in terms of the colors that work best in these otherwise dark spaces – here are the bests hues for creating welcoming, friendly basement rooms:


  • Crisp white – the brightest color of them all works great in basements, illuminating the space. White walls work with furnishing items of any color and any style and you can freely choose the color of your decorations as well;
  • Pale blue – this soothing, calming hue can be combined with bright-colored accessories;
  • Cream – the hue is perfect for any space, basements included. The color works well with natural wood components, sleek, modern accessories, furnishing items that feature brighter or more toned-down colors as well;
  • Purple – this seemingly bold choice is in fact a color that works great with lots of other hues, warm, earth colors as well as bright colors. You can achieve a really stylish look by combining a deep plum or aubergine color on one of your basement walls with lighter shades on adjacent walls