Tips for Keeping Employees Happy During an Office Remodel

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An office remodel is a complex project and it might also cause long-lasting disruption to your daily operations – the office staff working in the space to be remodeled will have to be relocated for the duration of the remodel, there will be mess, dirt and debris involved and there will workers moving around on the premises all day long. To maintain efficient operations, according to full service Fort Collins construction companies, you need to do everything you can to keep your employees happy even among such harsh circumstances – here are some tips that can help:

  • Allow home office work – check the tasks and duties of your employees and determine if any of them can work from home. Try to mitigate the dissatisfaction of those who will still need to come to the workplace by explaining them why home office is not an option in certain positions;
  • Develop a strategy – being open and transparent is always a good strategy, so inspect the premises before the renovation starts and develop a plan that you also communicate to the involved personnel. Be open to their ideas as well – brainstorming is always a great way keep co-workers happy and involved;
  • Ensure your teams that the remodel serves their interest and will make their workspace more comfortable.