Tips for Deciding on Which Color to Paint Your Interior

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Colors influence our perception about places and objects, in a proportion of about 60%. Their effects are subtle but significant, both physically and psychologically. Wherever we go, we respond to chromatic stimuli. For this reason, the palette we opt for in our home must be chosen with great care.

How to easily choose the colors for painting your interior

Before you select a color for a room, decide on the effect you want to create.

Do you want to transmit a feeling of relaxation and well being, or an intimate and dramatic general mood?  – Soft, neutral colors usually create a sense of calm, while strong colors provide a dramatic feel.

Do you want a dazzling atmosphere in the living room or rather a formal and quiet one? – Warm, contrasts and open colors provide extra light and stimulate interaction in a room. On the other hand, cool colors are good to create a formal ambiance.

The light goes hand in hand with the colors and influences them a lot. Thus, a strong color may seem overwhelmingly bright when applied to the walls adjacent to a large window. The effect will be much more pleasant when a strong color is used as accent color, on a single wall.

Designer and remodeling contractors in Fort Collins can help you choose the colors that best reflect your design preferences and lifestyle.