Considering the Most Crucial Reasons for Hiring a Kitchen Designer

Whether you just bought an unfurnished house, or you want to do a complete remodel of your kitchen and you’re not even sure where to start, a kitchen designer can be of great help.

While designing a brand new kitchen can take a lot of time and planning, you’ll find that the end result is completely worthwhile, and the cost you’d otherwise have to pay for expensive workarounds that might not even work so well for your kitchen space can be eliminated in exchange for a much more affordable fee you’d pay your designer.

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The great thing about a kitchen designer is that they won’t just have a vague idea about how to go about organizing your kitchen remodel. Instead, they will ask you a series of detailed questions to help determine exactly what the dynamic and layout of your kitchen should be, then formulate adaptations of standard, tried and tested solutions that will help you maximize your practical and aesthetic benefits while minimizing the cost of your remodel.

With the help of a good kitchen designer, and reputable kitchen remodel Fort Collins construction companies, you’ll find that no stone will be left unturned, and your kitchen will not only look and feel great, but also help you move around more easily, store and find items and utensils with greater efficiency, and make cooking a complete breeze. There will be no more clutter and no more wishing you had a bigger or better designed kitchen.

Considering the Main Advantages of Pulling Your Own Building Permit

While, in most cases, the contractor is the one responsible for obtaining the building permits necessary to do the construction or building modification work that a commercial remodel might require, that isn’t the only way that a commercial remodeling job can be performed. The building owner or tenant can also get involved and pull the permit him/herself, and that can be a great asset when you want to take charge and have a larger degree of freedom regarding the contractors you use and the larger scope of the project.

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Building permits are almost always required in commercial remodeling jobs. They serve the important purpose of helping local governments enforce local building codes in an ethical attempt to protect residents and business owners from their neighbors’ disruptive building practices and DIY remodeling solutions.

Although ethical Fort Collins construction companies will always offer to pull your building permits for you, there can be a great advantage in managing that job yourself. You can get all the details of what you can and can’t do regarding current and future remodels, retain all the paperwork yourself in case you need to use more than one contractor, and have full control of the project. Moreover, as long as you use an ethical and trustworthy contractor, your decision to pull your own building permits will not have any negative effects on the remodeling job itself.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2020

Nowadays, the kitchen is not only intended for cooking and preparing meals, but it also offers a relaxing atmosphere. It becomes the space where we cook, while socializing with our loved ones, discussing all the things that happened during the day. For this reason, whether we are talking about a large or small kitchen, it has to be modernly designed so that it can fulfill its purposes.

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Find out what are some of the trends in kitchen design for 2020.

Matte finishes for kitchen furniture

Matte materials will not only provide the kitchen with a feeling of warmth, but also bring a subtle note of elegance. As for the colors, you can opt for earthy shades, which suggest freshness and naturalness.


Although carpets were not so popular lately, at least not for the kitchen, they are some of the most important accessories, when it comes to modern trends in kitchen design for 2020. Warm and unpainted materials such as jute, wool or viscose are the season’s favorites.

Scandinavian style

In 2020, the kitchen must be modern, with minimalist influences. Inspired by the Scandinavian style, kitchens with wooden furniture, natural finishes that bring a sense of freshness to the room are also trendy. Let leading edge Fort Collins construction companies take a peek at your current kitchen and give you the scope and budget necessary to make your improved 2020 kitchen a reality.

The Best Reasons to Remodel and Finish Your Basement

Choosing the right remodeling project and finishing for your basement can be a difficult thing to do. Even if you have a vision of what you’d like, you’ll have to consider practical matters such as budget concerns, as well as modern trends and what types of materials would be best suited to the area you live in when it comes to insulating your basement and using the best types of paint for refined finishings.

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In terms of remodeling your basement, it’s a good idea to do it because it helps increase the value of your home to a great extent. A basement that’s also a comfy lounge or home theater can be a great selling point if you decide to put your home up for sale. Also, with the trendiest and most resilient finishing touches, you won’t have to worry about surfaces being affected by mold or paint fading away in a short time span.

If you plan on continuing to live in your home for some time, remodeling and finishing your basement can basically provide you with an additional room that you can design to be anything you want. You might need a makeshift stage to practice your music or drum beats, or you might want to put together a lab, a study or a crafting area to manage your hobbies. The sky is the limit when it comes to remodeling your basement, and you’ll find that any option you choose can be easily managed by dependable Fort Collins construction companies.

Helpful Tips for Planning Out Your First Home Remodel

Planning out your first home remodel can be a difficult choice to make. Aside from having to make the decision on when to have it organized and who to hire for the job, you also need to consider the various, seemingly less important preparation tasks you’ll need to be making.

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The fun part about preparing for a remodeling job is that you get to stir everything up, but the challenge is to do it in an organized fashion. Here are some of the main tips from Fort Collins construction companies you should follow in this regard:

  1. Give yourself a few weeks to make all the preparations. The larger the project, the more time you’ll need.
  2. Clean up your home and pay special attention to the area where the workers will be. If you’re having a bathroom remodel, make sure you remove any accessories or items you don’t want damaged, such as cabinets, rugs or shower curtains. That goes the same for any other indoor area that will have to be renovated.
  3. If you have smaller children who have to nap in the afternoon, make sure you organize a system in which they can either stay with another family member or you can discuss a special schedule with your contractor that prevents the workers from doing any work between certain hours.

Tips for Keeping Employees Happy During an Office Remodel

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An office remodel is a complex project and it might also cause long-lasting disruption to your daily operations – the office staff working in the space to be remodeled will have to be relocated for the duration of the remodel, there will be mess, dirt and debris involved and there will workers moving around on the premises all day long. To maintain efficient operations, according to full service Fort Collins construction companies, you need to do everything you can to keep your employees happy even among such harsh circumstances – here are some tips that can help:

  • Allow home office work – check the tasks and duties of your employees and determine if any of them can work from home. Try to mitigate the dissatisfaction of those who will still need to come to the workplace by explaining them why home office is not an option in certain positions;
  • Develop a strategy – being open and transparent is always a good strategy, so inspect the premises before the renovation starts and develop a plan that you also communicate to the involved personnel. Be open to their ideas as well – brainstorming is always a great way keep co-workers happy and involved;
  • Ensure your teams that the remodel serves their interest and will make their workspace more comfortable.