How Can I Find the Best Basement Finishing Contractors

If you are planning a basement remodeling project that involves a complete overhaul, including electrical and plumbing upgrades as well as the installation of new flooring, wall refreshment and insulation, the best way is to hire an experienced Fort Collins basement finishing contractor.

hire Fort Collins basement finishing contractors

For best results, you need the best contractor – here is how to find that company:

  • Look for a company that has been in the business for a long time – most new building companies last only a year or two in the business, so it is a good idea to look for a company that has a great track record of providing excellent services for at least five years;
  • Check reputation – try to find at least three or four companies that meet the above criterion and check what previous clients say about each of them. The best source of information for finding out about contractor reputation is the internet, more precisely review websites, rating sites and forums;
  • Get it all in writing – a good contractor is not reluctant to provide a written cost estimate for your project and is willing to sign a service provision contract as well;
  • Ask about warranties – the materials used in your basement come with manufacturer’s warranties, while your contractor must offer warranty on the labor performed by the company’s teams and subcontractors.

Bathroom Flooring Options That Are Easy to Clean and Manage

Bathroom flooring can be a hassle in most cases, because bathrooms are pretty messy from your floor’s perspective – which is ironic, since your bathroom is also the place where you wash up. Choosing the right type of flooring for your Fort Collins basement finishing bathroom project can be a real nightmare, since you don’t always know exactly how your new floor will be impacted and how much water damage it can take.

Fort Collins basement finishing bathroom project

From the start, sensitive hardwood floors will not be a good choice. They are easily affected by water, and the maintenance required to keep them alive for any practical amount of time will be very difficult. Also, you can’t rely on most types of metal for the same reason. They are prone to rust and easily damaged when the coating wears off. Also, metal and water doesn’t mix well, since both are very good at conducting electricity – a big problem when you have bad wiring.

Concrete and tile flooring, however, can be ideal for your bathroom. Stone is also a good option. All these solutions are viable, since they are hardly affected by water. Even if your bathroom were to flood, your flooring won’t be damaged, and all you need to do is mop it off to clean it afterwards. Most people choose tile flooring more readily, because it’s easier to install and replace. However, concrete and stone will last longer, not to mention that they present improved insulation capabilities

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Traditionally, basements have been used for storing food and wine. The low temperatures in these underground rooms use to be very convenient to preserve products in a time when there was no refrigeration.

Fort Collins basement finishing

It was not until the 1950s that Americans began to use their basements as living spaces too. Since then, a greater importance started to be given to the design of these rooms. Now you can remodel your basement into anything you want. Here are a couple of ideas.

How can you turn the cellar into a winery?

If you enjoy wine and plan to start a collection, or simply have a space where you can store your drinks better, transforming your cellar into a winery is a great idea. A wine cellar typically has either a rustic style or an elegant style. In the case of a traditional wine cellar, you can complete the decoration with rustic elements such as barrels, wooden beams or even an old chandelier (if the height of the room allows it).


How can you turn the cellar into a fitness room?

The cellar can be also an ideal place for a small fitness room. As a decoration, one of the walls will have to be completely covered by a mirror. The light should be white, strong and provided by ceiling spots.

The temperature in a fitness room has to be comfortable, so you will have to invest in a heating and cooling system. You can also finish the floor and the walls with parquet and wood siding, but make sure before that that the waterproofing is done as efficiently as possible.

For more details on the ideas discussed above, as well as additional Fort Collins basement finishing ideas, give Swift Builders a call.

How to Decide What Kind of Space your Basement will be Once it’s Finished

Traditionally, the basement was always used for storing food and wine, but today there are many other uses you can consider for this space. What you do with it once it is finished depends on your space needs. Fort Collins basement finishing experienced contractors offer a variety of basement finishing plans to fit the needs of your family. Here are a few ideas:

Storage room – Space for storing your tools

You can store tools, your set of winter tires and possibly a work table. You will need metal shelves to support the weight and to store your objects on more levels.

Wine cellar

If you want something to attract your friends, turn your basement into a wine cellar where you can store a collection of wine and other beverages. Choose a rustic elegant style, with shelves made of wood or special metal. Wooden barrels can make nice decorations, as well as an old chandelier if the height of the room allows it.

Fort Collins basement finishing experienced contractors can build an exercise room

Fitness room

Another new and modern idea is to transform the basement into a fitness room. You can cover at least a wall with a large mirror and install ceiling lighting spots, to benefit from bright light in the room. You should also consider an air conditioner, parquet flooring and, of course, some fitness equipment.

Simple Upgrades That Will Make Your House Feel Like Home

Fort Collins basement finishing

Creating your home spaces does not have to be a very expensive business. While affordable Fort Collins basement finishing is sure to add more square footage to your home and increased property value, it can be more costly. There are simple and more budget friendly updates that can have a huge impact and instantly transform your home. Here are some tips for you:

  • Refresh the flooring – vinyl flooring used to be unattractive and got damaged easily, but it is no longer the case with modern vinyl. The material comes in many different styles, one more attractive that the other, and modern varieties can endure even the heaviest traffic without a scratch;
  • Refresh old interior doors with mirrors – removing the mid section of your interior doors and installing mirrors into the holes is a great way to create a stunning, stylish appearance as well as to visually enlarge your rooms;
  • Add new window dressing – some stylish drapes and vaporous curtains are also great décor elements that can instantly transform the appearance of your rooms;
  • Use colourful rugs – forget large carpets, replace them with some attractive, colourful rugs. If the flooring in your rooms is old and damaged, decide if polishing or replacement would be a better solution – take care of that part first and choose your rugs when the flooring has been restored to be able to use the texture of the floor as a design component.

Signs It’s Time for Basement Finishing

In most homes, the basement is used only for storing unused and mostly useless items, even though the space could be easily transformed into valuable living space. In some cases, the potential extension provided by the basement becomes badly needed – here are some signs that you should start planning for a Fort Collins basement finishing project:

  • Running out of space upstairs – if your family has grown and you need new rooms, the basement is the perfect space to extend your home;

Fort Collins basement finishing

  • You want a place that you really own – a basement can be transformed into any type of room. It can become your personal cinema, a pool salon, a kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, a room that you use for reading and listening to music, you can even add a sauna cabin and make the space into a spa;
  • Your basement shows signs of damage – water damage, condensation, the appearance of mold or mildew are all signs that your basement needs your attention. Whether you transform it to assign a different functionality to it or you continue to use the space for storage, if you notice any signs of damage, you will surely need to address it right away.