Staying Organized During a Home Remodel

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There is a logical order for the work performed during a home remodel project, which should be respected if you want to stay as organized as possible. According to some of the best remodeling contractors in Fort Collins:

  1. Evaluate the condition of the house. It is best to contact a specialist to examine your home and especially the areas to be modified in the remodeling process.
  2. Separate what you can save, from what you have to throw away. Many things can be saved and reused. Store them somewhere safe or sell them for extra money you can use for remodeling.
  3. Start with structural work. If you want to re-compartmentalize, you must begin the remodeling process with this.
  4. Check the installations and leaks, ventilation ducts, electrical cables, HVAC system connections, alarms, or any other home automation equipment
  5. Work on walls and then on floors – in this order, to keep the process clean
  6. Leave the house to dry. This can take from two to four weeks, depending on the season. The more allow the house to try, the less is the risk of moisture and problems with finishes.
  7. Deal with the finishes. Before you start painting, make sure the surfaces are clean to get a high quality finish.
  8. Final general cleaning and decorating. If you have finished the remodeling operations, you have to do general cleaning and then deal with the best part of the process: