Signs It’s Time for Basement Finishing

In most homes, the basement is used only for storing unused and mostly useless items, even though the space could be easily transformed into valuable living space. In some cases, the potential extension provided by the basement becomes badly needed – here are some signs that you should start planning for a Fort Collins basement finishing project:

  • Running out of space upstairs – if your family has grown and you need new rooms, the basement is the perfect space to extend your home;

Fort Collins basement finishing

  • You want a place that you really own – a basement can be transformed into any type of room. It can become your personal cinema, a pool salon, a kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, a room that you use for reading and listening to music, you can even add a sauna cabin and make the space into a spa;
  • Your basement shows signs of damage – water damage, condensation, the appearance of mold or mildew are all signs that your basement needs your attention. Whether you transform it to assign a different functionality to it or you continue to use the space for storage, if you notice any signs of damage, you will surely need to address it right away.