Safety Tips for Commercial Construction Sites

safety tips

Commercial construction sites are usually busy places, with a lot of people going about their jobs, with a lot going on, with a lot of high capacity tools and machines used all the time and with work done at heights and in dangerous places. Safety is essential on any commercial construction site, so here are some of the most important safety measures to implement:

  • Scaffolding safety – thousands of workers get injured on improperly erected scaffolding each year. The scaffolding should be set up on even, solid ground, at least 10 feet away from any power line and fitted with safely railings, fastened guardrails, midrails, braces and toeboards;
  • Personal safety equipment – work protection garments are the first and perhaps the most important line of defense for a construction worker, but some of the protective pieces are not the most comfortable, therefore workers tend to neglect their duty to wear them. To make your construction site as safe as can be, regularly check whether workers are wearing the right type of safety clothing;
  • Delimit machine operating areas – too many people crowding the operating areas of construction machines is another major risk on construction sites. Always sure that operating areas are free and delimit the danger zones clearly.

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