Questions to Ask Your General Contractor

There are lots of great general contractors out there, but even so, finding the one that is the best for your project is not easy. If you are currently looking for the right contractor to handle your building or renovation project, here are some tips about the questions to ask the candidate in front of you:

  • Questions about the company – find out how many employees work in the contractor’s company, how many and what type of subcontractors they have and how many of them can be assigned to work on your project and how qualified they are. The company’s experience with the type of project that you have is also important – if they have a portfolio with pictures, take your time to see it;

remodeling contractors in Fort Collins will provide you with a written estimate of the work to be completed

  • The schedule and the timeline – good remodeling contractors Fort Collins experts can provide information about how long each project phase takes;
  • Contact and communication – establishing the preferred communication method and knowing exactly who your contact person at the contractor’s company is are also essential for the success of the project;
  • Drafting a written contract – no deal is a real deal unless it is on paper. Get all the details of your agreement with your contractor in writing, don’t start any project without a contract in hand.