Ideas for Questions to Ask a Construction Job Applicant

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 The construction industry is experiencing rapid growth and expansion these days, the pace of the growth exceeding the labor force available for actually doing the work. These circumstances have changed the way general contractors Fort Collins construction companies operate, including the recruitment process: many jobs are open not only for candidates who have experience in the specific field of work, but also for candidates who come from other industries and have no or only very little experience in construction. The questions asked of candidates has also changed – here are some tips about how to conduct a job interview:

  • Checking affinity – your new employee needs to be quick on the uptake and interested in the field of work he or she is applying for, so you should ask questions about the candidate’s achievements that make him or her suitable for solving the types of problems that might come up during work;
  • Checking motivation – ask your candidate what has made him or her apply for the job and about the expectations he or she has about the job;
  • Checking problem-solving skills – you can either describe a situation or a conflict typical for the line of work and ask the candidate to tell you about the method he or she would use to solve it or you can ask the candidate to tell you about a difficult work situation that he or she has overcome in a previous job.