How to Re-purpose Your Basement

The typical use of the basement is as storage space. However, this place can be transformed into a living room, bar or wine cellar, as it can also become a technical room.

    How to turn the basement into a technical room

Also known as the boiler room, a technical room is mandatory in a home with its own power plant. Here you can install the specific equipment, as well as the water pump and other household appliances.

basement wine cellar home improvement

    How to turn the basement into the wine cellar

If the basement is to be used as a cellar, waterproofing the walls, ceiling and flooring is a must, so that there are no problems with water infiltration and mold. Many wine cellars have wooden, stone or brick walls; each of these materials can be used to create a rustic or elegant design, according to your preferences. As about lighting, spots inserted in the walls are recommended, but you can also install hanging lamps in the wine tasting area.

    How to turn the basement into a living room

If you want to install yourself here completely or use this space to accommodate your guests, do not forget to insulate properly the doors and windows, after have waterproofed the walls. The floor can be made of stone or other moisture resistant materials.

As for design, you have a great freedom of choice and only your own imagination is the limit. For the best remodeling services around, contact Swift Builders general contractors in Fort Collins.