How to Increase the Resale Value Impact of Your Home Remodel

While any home remodel will improve the comfort and the visual appeal of your building, not all remodels have the desired impact of your property’s resale value. If the principal goal for your remodels is to increase the resale price, you need to choose your remodeling Fort Collins projects carefully, skipping the ones that reflect only your personal preferences and working on the ones that will make your property more attractive for your potential buyers. Here are some remodeling home updates that increase home value:

–         Update the kitchen and the bathroom – statistics show that these two types of remodels are the most impactful when it comes to increasing the asking price. If the spaces are still functional, you can focus on cosmetic tasks, such as replacing the fixtures, refreshing the cabinets and the floors;

–         Landscaping – the yard and the garden area are just as important as the building exterior and interior and outdoor upgrades are really affordable ways to improve your property’s looks. All you need is some time to trim your existing plants and to clean the landscape and then a couple of new bushes or some colorful flowers that bloom all summer without requiring a lot of maintenance;

remodeling Fort Collins home renovations

–         Open up the floor – if your home has lots of small rooms, you can make it more attractive by having Fort Collins remodel experts knock out a few walls to create larger spaces.