How to Decide What Kind of Space your Basement will be Once it’s Finished

Traditionally, the basement was always used for storing food and wine, but today there are many other uses you can consider for this space. What you do with it once it is finished depends on your space needs. Fort Collins basement finishing experienced contractors offer a variety of basement finishing plans to fit the needs of your family. Here are a few ideas:

Storage room – Space for storing your tools

You can store tools, your set of winter tires and possibly a work table. You will need metal shelves to support the weight and to store your objects on more levels.

Wine cellar

If you want something to attract your friends, turn your basement into a wine cellar where you can store a collection of wine and other beverages. Choose a rustic elegant style, with shelves made of wood or special metal. Wooden barrels can make nice decorations, as well as an old chandelier if the height of the room allows it.

Fort Collins basement finishing experienced contractors can build an exercise room

Fitness room

Another new and modern idea is to transform the basement into a fitness room. You can cover at least a wall with a large mirror and install ceiling lighting spots, to benefit from bright light in the room. You should also consider an air conditioner, parquet flooring and, of course, some fitness equipment.