Sprucing Up Your Basement: Cabinetry Options to Enhance Basement Remodels

Having a basement can give you a true canvas full of opportunities on how to design your home to be more fashionable and practical at the same time. When you purchase a home with a basement, the extra space you get with your new basement can be exciting to fill. You can turn it into a storage room, a music room, a lounge, a home theater, or just a second living area where you can host relaxing parties and meet-ups.

Cabinets are one way to spruce up your Fort Collins basement remodeling design without going all out or having to consider a specific type of remodel. Cabinets can be used in a practical way in just about any setting. You can use them for storage in a game room or storage room without messing up the appearance of your room or the available space. You can use them to hold memorabilia, DVDs, books, drinks or anything else you can think of.

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Wooden cabinets can offer a homely vibe that keeps you cozy and can be in line with your plans to turn your bedroom into a relaxing lounge. A more modern choice would be vinyl or plastic, as these can be shaped into intricate and original forms.

You can also opt to install larger or smaller cabinets, depending on your personal choice and the available space you have. To make that choice, you’ll also need to consider how your new cabinets will look in contrast with the other furniture and equipment you add as part of your new basement remodel.

Bathroom Flooring Options That Are Easy to Clean and Manage

Bathroom flooring can be a hassle in most cases, because bathrooms are pretty messy from your floor’s perspective – which is ironic, since your bathroom is also the place where you wash up. Choosing the right type of flooring for your Fort Collins basement finishing bathroom project can be a real nightmare, since you don’t always know exactly how your new floor will be impacted and how much water damage it can take.

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From the start, sensitive hardwood floors will not be a good choice. They are easily affected by water, and the maintenance required to keep them alive for any practical amount of time will be very difficult. Also, you can’t rely on most types of metal for the same reason. They are prone to rust and easily damaged when the coating wears off. Also, metal and water doesn’t mix well, since both are very good at conducting electricity – a big problem when you have bad wiring.

Concrete and tile flooring, however, can be ideal for your bathroom. Stone is also a good option. All these solutions are viable, since they are hardly affected by water. Even if your bathroom were to flood, your flooring won’t be damaged, and all you need to do is mop it off to clean it afterwards. Most people choose tile flooring more readily, because it’s easier to install and replace. However, concrete and stone will last longer, not to mention that they present improved insulation capabilities

Home Improvements that Pay Off by Increasing the Value of Your Home

There are lots of different types of home improvements you can consider. Even though some of them might be quite expensive, they will do little to make your home more practical or appealing, and they won’t always increase the value of your house once you decide to sell it. However, there are others that pay off a lot more, and can help you avoid the hassle of finding a buyer fast, once your listing is out.

Painting your home and improving curb appeal can sometimes cost you a lot less than you think. Hiring a painting company and buying eco-friendly paint can be extremely affordable, and you’ll find that basic walkway repair, planting a new garden and making your lawn look better with some simple DIY improvements can go a long way toward changing people’s opinion of your home for the better.

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Another thing you can do is add improvements and upgrades that are timely and trendy. Having reputable local builders, like those found at Swift Builders, update you kitchen, bath, or basement space, can add increased value to home resale. An outdoor kitchen, or improved landscaping designs can attract a lot of customers and increase your home value while only costing up to around $5k to $7k.

Finally, getting a reliable contractor to fix your home’s functional problems, such as leaky plumbing fixtures and faulty wiring, can also help improve the appeal surrounding your home, while making it a practical place to live in.

Considering the Main Advantages of Pulling Your Own Building Permit

While, in most cases, the contractor is the one responsible for obtaining the building permits necessary to do the construction or building modification work that a commercial remodel might require, that isn’t the only way that a commercial remodeling job can be performed. The building owner or tenant can also get involved and pull the permit him/herself, and that can be a great asset when you want to take charge and have a larger degree of freedom regarding the contractors you use and the larger scope of the project.

Fort Collins construction companies pull building permits

Building permits are almost always required in commercial remodeling jobs. They serve the important purpose of helping local governments enforce local building codes in an ethical attempt to protect residents and business owners from their neighbors’ disruptive building practices and DIY remodeling solutions.

Although ethical Fort Collins construction companies will always offer to pull your building permits for you, there can be a great advantage in managing that job yourself. You can get all the details of what you can and can’t do regarding current and future remodels, retain all the paperwork yourself in case you need to use more than one contractor, and have full control of the project. Moreover, as long as you use an ethical and trustworthy contractor, your decision to pull your own building permits will not have any negative effects on the remodeling job itself.

A Guide to Finding the Best Licensed Home Remodeling Contractors

Home remodeling contractors are available virtually everywhere. From online ads to map locations, and from roadside signs to TV commercials, you’ll find a lot of them promote their services quite extensively in your local area.

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Of course, finding the best licensed remodeling Fort Collins contractors is no picnic, and it can require some extensive work on your part. However, the activity is worth it, since you’ll be sure that you can get more than your money’s worth.

The first thing to do is look up all the contractors who can help you with the type of project you want assistance with. You should make sure that their descriptions specify they specialize in that type of remodel, and you also have to check whether or not they can offer proof of their license. You can also check the BBB website to make sure they are licensed and that they are known for offering the best remodeling Fort Collins services.

In most instances, it’s a good idea to meet up with at least a few of the contractors in person and see what they can offer. Based on their recommendations, their pricing and the reviews and recommendations that their past clients might have, you should be able to determine whether or not their services can help you out.

Popular DIY Home Remodeling Ideas

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Skilled homeowners sometimes choose to do small remodeling projects around the house, on their own, to save some money. This is a very good idea if you have the necessary time and, of course, if you know what you are doing, to avoid making mistakes that will cost you more than hiring a pro.

So… if you decide to get your hand a little dirty, here are some popular DIY home remodeling Fort Collins ideas to try.

Cleaning your home`s siding and fence

This task is very easy and all you need is a power washer and some mild detergent, suitable for the surface it is being used and friendly with the environment around the house. The aspect of the house will improve!

Update a few exterior accents

You can also improve the aspect of your property by repainting the front door, replacing your mailbox or planting strategically a decorative bush.

Apply removable wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is easy to use and can change significantly the aspect of a space by adding color, texture and pattern. This operation requires a minimal investment and little commitment.

Refresh your cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be refurbished by painting them and changing hardware and accessories.

How to Find a Licensed Contractor

We all need licensed contractors every time we must do verifications, repairs, replacements or maintenance operations in and around the house. For certain types of work, licensed contractors are required by law and even when they are not, we should still do our best to avoid working with amateurs, because accidents with severe consequences may happen and you also risk to lose the warranty you have got for certain products, or void you insurance.

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There are licensed contractors for all industries. Most states have a licensing system that every professional must go through, in order to become licensed and be allowed to work legally. As a prospective customer, you have the right to ask the contractor for a copy of their license. Alternatively, you can call 311 to verify the Fort Collins contractors license status, or check the contractor with the Better Business Bureau.remodeling Fort Collins

It is good to know that only contractors that hold a state license can get permits different construction and remodeling projects.

Most licensed remodeling Fort Collins contractors have websites and other types of online advertisements, so you can easily make a list of them. Alternatively, you can also check the website of the Department of Labor and Industry, to find local contractors more easily.

Easy DIY Bathroom Remodeling Projects

From time to time, every room in the house needs an upgrade, but not always do we have the necessary time and money for a complete renovation. However, there are solutions even for austere budgets, such as DIY remodeling operations, which help you save the money you would normally pay to a professional who would do the job for you.

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The solutions you will discover below are simple, do not require any special skills and can get you out of trouble when you want to refresh the aspect of your bathroom.

Painting your old bathroom tiles

You may not know, but a quick and economical solution to radically change the aspect of a bathroom in just one day is to paint tiles in a different color. You can do this by using a special water based varnish that can be found in any store specialized in home renovation products.

Reconditioning your bathroom cabinets

Another thing you can do with your own hands is changing the facade of the cabinets, if they are made of wood. First, try to repair what should be repaired and then repaint the doors of the cabinets or the drawers. If painting is not an option, you can at least change some details – door knobs or visible accessories.

Changing lighting fixtures

Another easy and cheap change you can make in your bathroom to make it look different is to replace the lighting fixtures with other more appropriate and efficient.

If your home requires a bit more than your DIY skills can handle, there are many budget conscious remodeling contractors Fort Collins pros to call for kitchen, bath, and basement remodeling.

Simple Office Improvement Projects that Make a Big Difference

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The office is the space where we spend many hours a day. To make this space more attractive and productive, you can consider a few simple improvements that make a big difference.


Whether we are talking about natural or artificial light, lighting in the office plays a very important role. Poor light quality and intensity will cause eye problems over time, as well as fatigue and headaches that can turn into annoying migraines. Replace old and outdated lighting fixtures with modern, energy-efficient ones that provide the visual comfort needed for office work.

Elements that ensure a positive state

The color of the walls can brighten your day and can be comforting if you choose a pastel shade of blue, green or yellow, suggesting freshness, energy or vitality. Specialists say that the color of the walls is the main factor of a room that influences our mind.

Pictures and paintings provide style and relaxation, as well as motivation. Choose pictures depicting landscapes. Avoid still life and seascapes that contain calm waters, as they may cause you to feel sleepy.


Replace the old furniture with modern and ergonomic furniture. Besides looking very… office, it provide the adequate comfort.

If you decide that you want to do more than a simple update to your office, call office remodeling contractors in Fort Collins to give you great ideas, service, and quality detailed completion.

Home Upgrades that Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

When you begin a home upgrade process, the money always seem to fly very fast from your account, so you need to be more careful and reduce costs as much as possible. It is best to consider home upgrades that give you the most bang for your buck.

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Finishes and quality workmanship

A home upgrading project will likely involve a lot of hidden costs, so you may decide to call on a less experienced but considerably cheaper team. However, this is too often a mistake, because after a while, tiles may start to fall, the electricity grid becomes unstable and the paint on the walls starts to peel off. Always look for remodeling Fort Collins professionals and invest in quality finishes because you don’t do this every year, and nothing is more expensive than regular repairs.

The furniture you use constantly

When you invest in quality objects and thoroughly document yourself before you buy them, they will not have to be replaced constantly, sparing you from unnecessary investments in the future but also from the effort of choosing others. Ideally, the furniture in your home should be space efficient and high quality, matching the rooms.