Bathroom Flooring Options

Sandstone bathroom tiles are extremely popular, and maybe because of this, they may sometimes seem too ordinary, regardless their versatility. If you want alternatives to this material, read on.

Fort Collins construction stone samples

Natural stone

Natural stones represent the original “ceramics”. Before the ceramic production process was discovered and used in constructions, stone was the main choice. This material is more expensive than sandstone tiles, but it is also very beautiful and durable. There are many types of natural stone that can be used to make a bathroom floor, from marble and granite, to limestone, slate or even onyx, travertine or quartz, which can be also be used for walls. Fort Collins construction stone experts can give you more information regarding the pros and cons of each natural stone product.


At some point, mosaic was very popular, but now it seems to come back in trend, all the more so as modern options are significantly more diverse and beautiful than those in the past.

Hardwood floor

For some reason, many people are reluctant when it comes to installing a hardwood floor in their bathroom, but their concerns have no valid reason. Bathrooms have floor drainage and even if the water flows on the parquet, these materials are now protected against moisture, so you can safely use them as bathroom floor options.