Bathroom Flooring Options That Are Easy to Clean and Manage

Bathroom flooring can be a hassle in most cases, because bathrooms are pretty messy from your floor’s perspective – which is ironic, since your bathroom is also the place where you wash up. Choosing the right type of flooring for your Fort Collins basement finishing bathroom project can be a real nightmare, since you don’t always know exactly how your new floor will be impacted and how much water damage it can take.

Fort Collins basement finishing bathroom project

From the start, sensitive hardwood floors will not be a good choice. They are easily affected by water, and the maintenance required to keep them alive for any practical amount of time will be very difficult. Also, you can’t rely on most types of metal for the same reason. They are prone to rust and easily damaged when the coating wears off. Also, metal and water doesn’t mix well, since both are very good at conducting electricity – a big problem when you have bad wiring.

Concrete and tile flooring, however, can be ideal for your bathroom. Stone is also a good option. All these solutions are viable, since they are hardly affected by water. Even if your bathroom were to flood, your flooring won’t be damaged, and all you need to do is mop it off to clean it afterwards. Most people choose tile flooring more readily, because it’s easier to install and replace. However, concrete and stone will last longer, not to mention that they present improved insulation capabilities